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Architectural Prototyping




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Ivo Vrouwe (WorkShop IV)

Architectural Prototyping

Non-Conventional Architectural Engineering

Born 1979, Amsterdam. Studied Building Technology at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and Architectural Design at Eindhoven University of Technology. Graduated in Product Development in 2006. Worked at Tentech Utrecht as designer engineer for lightweight and membrane structures and worked as a tutor at Eindhoven University of Technology.

Ivo currently works in Rotterdam as an architectural designer and engineer. Het teaches at Utrecht School of the Arts and Amsterdam Academy of Architecture and works as a teacher and researcher at KU Leuven, Faculty of Architecture.

In his research he intents to design a learning environment to support the creation of dynamic knowledge in construction education at design schools. In the proposed environment, the learning goals aim at the management of ill-defined construction problems and the handling of complex construction systems. In order to reach these goals, tools are designed to reduce elaborate complex systems into constituent elements. Subsequently, he introduces strategies to structure problem solving by constituent elements in ill-defined situations.