Ever since my student years, I’ve been interested in the design and construction of structures and installation. Through material-, structure-, and geometrical experimentation, I tested novel material applications and digital techniques. Following, a small selection of installations is listed.

A more extensive overview of my installations is available through the following link.
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Stageability 4D

Context: Stageability 4D
Location: Galerie Opperclaes, Rotterdam
Materials: Wood

Concept Structure: Ivo Vrouwe / Michiel Jansen
Artists: Olivier van Nooten / Justin Wijers / Karin Trenkel
Fabrication Structure: Ivo Vrouwe / Henk Gravendeel; De Timmerij
Fabrication Furniture: Michiel Jansen
Supported by: De Timmerij, Rotterdam / CBK, Rotterdam


Context: Kerst CS 2016 / ART10180 2017
Location: Rotterdam
Materials: Metal

Concept Structure: Ivo Vrouwe / Eddy Kaijser
Structural Design: Ivo Vrouwe
Fabrication Structure: Ivo Vrouwe / Eddy Kaijser / Claudia Otten

Stageability Dance #2

Location: Nutshuis, Den Haag
Materials: Wood

Concept Structure: Ivo Vrouwe / Michiel Jansen
Dance Performance: Ans Kanen / Manuela Raurich / Mai Tasaka/ Michal Osowski
Fabrication Structure: Ivo Vrouwe / Michiel Jansen

Grey Cube

Context: Graduation TU/e
Location: Adaptables2006, Endhoven/ Architectuurcentrum, Haarlem/ Dutch Design Week 2007, Eindhoven
Materials: Steel/ PVC-membrane/ PVC-pipe/ Elastics

Concept: Ivo Vrouwe
Construction and Design: Ivo Vrouwe
Fabrication: Ivo Vrouwe
Supported by: Ferrari Textiles, La Tour du Pin/ BRS Staalwerken, Moerkapelle