Projects and Affiliations

BRIDGES Research Group

Affiliation: Postdoc Researcher
Period: 2013-present

The research group BRIDGES aims at building bridges between architectural design and engineering sciences by focussing on the conceptual design collaboration of architects and engineers in which architectural as well as building technical qualities are pursued. The research strives to enrich the architectural discourse and to instigate creative interdisciplinary design processes in which architectural and engineering knowledge is required, more specifically on matters of acoustics, construction, and structure. Research not only focuses on design collaboration practice, but also on building technical education in architecture programmes, leading to findings applicable in architectural practice as in education.

Link Bridges Research Group

Matters of Abstraction

Affiliation: Chair
Period: 2017-present

Matters of Abstraction aims to connect teachers and researchers investigating the teaching of technical courses in Architecture programmes, by sharing experiences and knowledge in teaching.

Website Matters of Abstraction

LESEC learning for understanding in STEAM

Affiliation: Postdoc Researcher
Period: 2020-present

LESEC learning for understanding in STEAM is a research group that works on the following the following subjects:

  • Conceptual understanding
  • Subject specific reasoning
  • Identity-based learning

Website LESEC

Knowledge Management TextielLab

Affiliation: Postdoc Researcher, Knowledge Management
Period: 2020-Present

During the C19 lockdown, TextielLab Tilburg was challenged to set up an online environment for distance collaboration. As a part of this environment, textile fabrication knowledge was acquired through the POInT. method, and made available through the following knowledge clips.

The following links are password protected.
Please send me an email when you’re interested to use this material.

Knowledge Clips: Weaving
Knowledge Clips: Knitting
Knowledge Clips: Passementerie
Knowledge Clips: Embroidery
Knowledge Clips: Laser Cutting

Website TextielLab

Solidair Mobiel Wonen

Affiliation: Postdoc Researcher, Designer, Fabricator
Period: 2018-2020

SolidairMobielWonen is a housing project for and by a group of eight homeless men in Brussels, that aims to create an alternative housing model. On a vacant lot in Brussels, 8 mobile housing units are designed together with future residents and built around a collective space. Throughout the project, the co-creation process is central, and residents, supervisors, researchers, architects, students, interior designers, and local residents work closely together.

Link Solidair Mobiel Wonen